平衡。 和谐。 和平。 灵感。 喜悦。 Jimbaran Sintesa为您提供了一个空间,您可以舒展身体,扩展您的思维,恢复平衡感,重新发现生活的本质。


Balance. Harmony. Peace. Inspiration. Joy. The Sintesa Jimbaran provides the space where you can stretch your body and expand your mind as you regain a sense of balance and rediscover life’s essence.

位于七楼的The Sintesa Jimbaran酒店的7楼屋顶俯瞰着着名的金巴兰湾,享有令人惊叹的180度景观。


Located on the 7th floor, rooftop on 7 at The Sintesa Jimbaran has a breath-taking 180 degrees view overlooking the famous Jimbaran Bay.


Angin – Angin

Angin - Angin毗邻大堂区,是一个真正的最爱,无论是早餐还是丰盛的美食。 早餐供应至当天晚些时候,以适应那些希望再睡一会儿的人。 


Angin – Angin, located adjacent to the Lobby area, is a true favourite, be it for a full breakfast or sumptuous meals. Breakfast is served until later in the day to accommodate those who wish to stay in bed a little longer. The buffet features cooked-to-order eggs, waffles and crêpes, homemade breads, Balinese breakfast sweets and our local yogurt, a healthy addiction.


一个真正让人想起的全方位服务酒吧和休息室,作为新成立的“The Sintesa”金巴兰的图标。 进入酒店经典的20世纪30年代风格的男士理发店


An authentic reminiscent full service bar and lounge built as an icon to the newly established ‘The Sintesa’ Jimbaran. Upon entering the hotel’s classic 1930s styled men’s Barbershop



Fitness GYM

健康计划在全国范围内越来越普遍。 这些方案的范围从简单地提供信息健康生活的好处,补贴健康和饮食菜单,健身,瑜伽和健身房在您的住宿期间。


Wellness programs are becoming more widespread throughout the country. These programs range from simply offering information the benefit of a healthy life, to subsidized healthy and dietary menus, fitness, Yoga and gym during your stay at ‘The Sintesa’ Jimbaran.

Yoga For All

先进的健身房配备最新的设备和熟练的私人教练。 所有客人和会员也可在预定的时间为个人或团体提供瑜伽,太极和有氧运动课程。


State-of-the-art gym completed with the latest equipment and skilled personal trainers. Yoga, Taichi & Aerobics classes for individuals or groups are also offered at scheduled times for all guests and members.



Sintesa Wellness SPA提供全方位的疗法体验,豪华,有机和正宗。 由最纯净的天然产品设计和完全促进,进入一个和谐的世界


Sintesa Wellness SPA offers a complete range of therapies experiences, luxurious, organic & authentic. Designed and fully facilitated by the purest natural products, enter a world of harmony